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We have decided to release a digital version of the Compendium to offer homeopaths a convenient and economical alternative to the book set. We feel this will spread quality Homoeopathic education to a wider section of the  community.

  • Access all 6 Volumes conveniently on your computer or tablet.
  • Adobe PDFs files of the book that will work on all platforms with Adobe Reader.
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If you purchase the Compendium book set you can add the Ebook for only $50. This offer is for those who want the best of both worlds digital and print.

Anyone who has purchased the Compendium book set can buy the Ebook for 50$.

The Homoeopathic Compendium

The Homoeopathic Compendium by David Little (6 Volumes, 4500 pages) is available to order.

The Homoeopathic Compendium is a significant new publication in the field of homoeopathic education and a valuable resource for every homoeopathic library. It is the longest and most complete commentary of its kind. The six volumes in the series cover all the important aspects of the practice of Homoeopathy. The work is an attempt to fill in the lacunas in our present day understanding of Hahnemann’s teachings and is designed to bring the material up to date for the 21st century.

The homoeopathic healing arts require many years of study and experience. Whether you are a student or an advanced practitioner, The Homoeopathic Compendium will open up exciting new possibilities and greatly enrich your understanding and practice of Homoeopathy.

Volume I : History and Philosophy
Volume II : Repertory and Case Management
Volume III : Psora and Anti-Psoric Treatment
Volume IV : Chronic Miasms and Cancer
Volume V : Constitution, Temperament and Maps of Consciousness
Volume VI : Materia Medica of Psyche and Soma

This website offers full details of the themes, structure and contents of the six volumes. You can read selected extracts including the Introduction, Prefaces, Table of Contents, Chapter Summaries.

Overview of The Homoeopathic Compendium

You can download 6 free Chapters totaling 318 pages which will introduce you to the world of The Homoeopathic Compendium.

Download Free Chapters

Book Review on Hpathy

We are very excited to have our first book review published in the Hpathy Ezine magazine at Hpathy.com in the current August issue. A special thanks to Dr. Joseph Rozencwajg, MD, PhD, NMD, for writing the review. Many thanks to the editors Katja Schutt Alan V. Schmukler and Manish Bhatia for their help and support the whole Little family appreciates it.

<Read it Here> http://hpathy.com/book-reviews/the-homoeopathic-compendium-by-david-little/

Free Audio - Chapter 3: The Watershed Years


Edouard B

Dr. Edouard Broussalian

Distinguished Homoeopath Teacher and Author

Website: http://planete-homeo.org

“I’m very happy and pleased to put a few words aout the long awaited titanic work of my admired friend and master David. My only thought now is, what remains to publish in homoeopathy? So complete is his masterpiece. I’m not afraid to say that I have read all our classical books, and as teacher and author myself I feel authorized to warn the reader that they have in their hands the most complete book ever written about Homoeopathy.

One cannot call himself a homoeopath as long as he / she hasn’t deeply studied the basics, ie, the Organon, and fully mastered the development of our art by our Master. Full knowledge of our history is part of this great picture too. Only with this understanding, deeply rooted into every cell one can then study the art of prescribing, and the materia medica. All these topics are brilliantly covered by David. Thank you so much for offering to the community this life work. With love, Ed”


Wenda O’Reilly PH.D.

Author of the 6th Organon of the Medical Art

Website: Buy on Amazon

“I am so impressed!!! I immediately sat down and started reading. It was hard to pull myself away. Every book is so beautifully and clearly written. The compendium is now my most treasured go-to source for homeopathic information of every kind.

Thank you for your many years of work in bringing this huge project to fruition.”